Y Planet_2016_Zoe YIn
Caught in the Cosmic Web 1, Zoe Yin age 11, acrylic on canvas 30 x 40
Self Portrait, oil, Zoe Yin
Silent Land Zoe L. Yin 2011 age 9 Acrylic on canvas 53 x 78
Y2_2016_Zoe Yin

Painter . Sculptor

Hailed as a child prodigy by Boston WCVB-TV Chronicle, China Central TV, China Education TV, CTI Asia, CTITV Taiwan, Cleveland WCPN radio, BTV Beijing, Phoenix Satellite TV and THNKR TV 


2001 born in Boston

Phillips Academy, Andover, MA; Columbia University, New York,  USA

Yin became a member of Andover Artist Guild when she was six and had her first solo exhibition at the Guild’s 33rd annual art fair. She participated in the Art Expo New York at age eight and has since been represented by galleries in the US and China.

Yin has exhibited at the Beck Center for the Arts, World Art Museum in China, Akron Art Museum, among others.  She has appeared on The Daily Beast, Art Business News, China Daily, China News, China Art Newspaper, Boston WCVB-TV Chronicle, Cleveland WCPN radio, CTI Asia, CTITV Taiwan, China Central TV, China Education TV, among others.

THNKR TV, a web-based TV channel from Radical Media initiated by Google, documented her story in two episodes of Prodigies: “Young Prodigies Dazzle the Art World” and “Art Prodigy Compared to Matisse”.

In 2018, Yin launched www.museumofstudentarts.org,  a web platform for students around the globe to share their creative works.

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