CAETA – Connect and Empower through Art

In collaboration with Massachusetts’s communities

CAETA is a project that bears a simple wish: to gather people together, provide them with art supplies, and guide them through the art making process, all for free. The idea behind the project is to provide places and opportunities for people to do creative arts, which many may never have access to, and, in doing so, strengthening their positive feelings and enhancing their bond to the communities. CAETA collaborates with towns and cities across Massachusetts, bringing the creative arts to senior and youth centers.

Art making is a fun, and psychologically and physiologically rewarding process. Exposure to art from a young age helps boost kids’ confidence, fosters cultural awareness, and encourages creativity, which helps them grow into critical thinkers who can think outside of the box. In older adults, neurological research shows that making art can improve cognitive functions by causing the brain to continue to reshape, adapt, and restructure. Clinical research also validates the wide range of benefits art has for older adults and patients, including helping them relax, reducing depression and anxiety, improving cognition, assisting in socialization, etc.

I started CAETA in the spring of 2019. My goal is to bring art to every towns and cities in Massachusetts, particularly to youth and seniors in disadvantaged towns and cities. I would like to share with as many people as possible the joy in creating something with nothing more than their own two hands and imagination, most of all, the power of self-expression and creativity.

CAETA is 100% funded by my own previous art sale proceeds. It is my goal and hope that CAETA will inspire other like-minded artists to use art as a tool to empower those most in need.