the rock

Today, the world’s primary energy sources include fossil fuel energy, renewable energy, and nuclear energy. However, many other possible sources, large and small, remain untapped with current scientific limitations. Even an unassuming, seemingly inert rock possesses energy stored in the chemical bonds of its molecules. This installation was intended to remind viewers of the energy that exists in the natural world all around us, in often unnoticed places and things.

on money: free money

What are the ways in which something might have value? How do we assign value to said things?  “free money” is intended to ask what value the kind of currency that dominates the world today has beyond the system in which it functions.

  • the bagel and the scallion pancake, 2019, ketchup, soy sauce, wasabi, chocolate, mustard and more on canvas

the bagel and scallion pancake

As a child of east Asian immigrant parents, the artist has grown up at the cusp of two disparate cultural identities. Inspired by the color-field painting movement and fusion food culture, she set out to create two ‘paintings’ using nothing but food items she grew up with, the mixing of ‘Asian’ and ‘Western’ ingredients reflecting her experience reconciling the two identities as a second generation immigrant.

the fish. the bowl 

Fish tanks, hunting trophies, taxidermy…  “the fish. the bowl” is to remind viewers of how animals are often used as objects of decoration, and grapple with the ethics of such practices.

on money: paper money

In the rapidly advancing digital age, more and more aspects of our lives exist and are lived in virtual space. This installation is to remind the viewers of a time not so distant when paper money has become obsolete, and is viewed as one might view an artifact in a museum.

the loom

Cloth was rationed in China for most of the artist’s grandmother’s life. Weaving was a necessary life skill, rather than an art. “loom” is inspired by the one in her grandmother’s old house. In this piece,  steel and plastic are twined to create a new loom, and reflect on the changes industrialization has brought on in her hometown.